Always Contact a Child Custody Lawyer in Temecula before There’s a Problem

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Lawyers

When a couple has a child together and separates, without ever being married, they often try to work out custody and visitation without the help of a lawyer. In many cases, this works out fine. When it doesn’t, there is little the person can do besides hire a lawyer and hope for the outcome they want. A person should always speak with a child custody lawyer in Temecula to get help obtaining a legal custody arrangement to ensure it can be upheld.

If there isn’t a legal custody agreement in place, either parent can refuse to give the child to the other parent or deny visitation for any reason. The other parent must then go through a lawyer to obtain custody and get the child back. Even though the parents may trust each other and both may want to do what is best for the child, this is a situation that happens often and can be prevented by having a legal agreement in place.

When there is a legal agreement, the parent who is not able to see the child for their scheduled time will be able to call the police to have the child returned to them. The legal agreement is what shows officers that the parent is supposed to have the child at that time. Without this, the officers have no way of knowing what the agreement was and whether or not it’s being followed. For the protection of the child, a custody order should be in the place. It should detail who has custody, when the visitation is, and other aspects of the child’s life. This helps structure the parents’ agreement and sets the basis for legal repercussions if it is not followed.

Any couple who is separating and has a child in common should speak with a child custody lawyer in Temecula, to ensure there is a court-ordered custody arrangement. The couple can determine what the arrangement will be, but it will be legally ordered to ensure both parents follow the order, even if things change between the two.

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