Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Terrazzo Floor

One reason why many homeowners opt for Terrazzo flooring is the fact that it is so durable. You generally do not have to worry too much about maintaining it. However, it does need to be cleaned every once in a while to maintain its gorgeous aesthetic. You need to be certain you use the right Terrazzo floor cleaner and avoid these detrimental mistakes.

Delaying Cleaning Up Spills

Although Terrazzo floors are very resilient, you do not want a spill to remain on the surface for an extended period of time. As soon as something drops to the floor, you want to clean it up immediately. This will ensure that stains do not get a chance to develop, and there will be no wear.

Using Harsh Scrubbing Pads

When it comes to drying the floor, you want to make sure you are using a soft cloth. You want to avoid using a steel wool or another type of rough scrubbing pad. These items have the potential to damage the surface and leave behind scratch marks. All you need to do is pour a little bit of the appropriate Terrazzo floor cleaner onto a cloth, and you are good to go.

Using Abrasive Cleaners

One of the worst substances you can apply to Terrazzo floors is vinegar. Many people make this mistake because vinegar is often recommended for most other substances. However, it is disastrous to use on Terrazzo flooring. If vinegar comes into contact with the material, then its acidic nature can cause the aesthetic to fade, and you are left with a much duller floor. Do not allow that to happen.

If something big needs to be done to clean your Terrazzo flooring, then it would be preferable to hire a professional instead of doing it yourself. Experts know exactly what Terrazzo floor cleaner to use so that you are left with the best results possible.

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