Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Plastic Injection Molding Service

Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Plastic Injection Molding Service

For any OEM new to working with plastic parts and components, particularly in the medical device industry, finding the ideal plastic injection molding service to partner with is an essential part of the process.

These companies have the expertise, experience and industry knowledge to provide services from the concept and design phase through to large scale production requirements. The best services offer full scalability for production and can handle small orders, single large volume orders on continual types of JIT delivery requirements.

The first project an OEM undertakes is always the most challenging when it comes to choosing contract manufacturers and plastic injection molding service. To get started, here are three common mistakes and the better options to consider when choosing a service provider.

Working with an Unknown Company

There are a lot of plastic injection molding service companies advertising their services. While it may be tempting to go with the lowest bid or pricing, this is often the company with the least experience, poor quality control, and limited resources to be able to manage large or ongoing orders.

Choosing a US-based company with a solid reputation for quality and production is the most critical aspect of selecting a partner.

Not Verifying Quality Control Processes

Injection molding services and providers that are focused on quality control take the extra steps to become ISO certified. This includes both ISO 9001 certification as well as ISO 13485 certification for the production of medical devices. These are rigorous standards are set internationally, and voluntary implementation of the standards clearly demonstrates the commitment to quality throughout production.

Not Selecting a Specialist in the Industry

Different injection molding services provide specialized services to various industries. While a top company can work with any type of OEM, it is always wise to seek out a quote from a company recognized in your industry.

Comparing different companies for expertise, specialization, quality control, and reputation and then comparing a quote for the services provides the best possible choice in an injection molding service provider.

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