Why Your Motivational Speaker Should Be Funny

Whether you’re hosting a conference, assembly, or meeting, you want to kick it off with a bang because you want people to get excited and motivated. That consideration is one of the easiest parts of planning because you’ve decided what you need, but you still have to find them and determine which one you’ll want. There are many options when it comes to a motivational speaker. Some of them are inspirational or do keynote speeches, and some will do a little bit of everything. The goal here is to get someone who’s funny and uses appropriate humor for the industry.

It’s A Contagion

Laughter is infectious, and most people will start laughing when they hear others do it, even if they didn’t hear the joke. It creates a bond with everyone in the room and instantly boosts the mood, making it a bonding experience to benefit the company. Employees will have something to think about and laugh about for weeks to come, building relationships, as well.

It’s Absorbed Easily

Employees (and just about everyone else) are more inclined to hear what you’re saying if it makes them laugh or has a humorous undertone. They won’t be bored, which means they’re likely engaged and may be more likely to follow through with appropriate actions later.

Less Stress

A funny motivational speaker can help ease tension within the room. If you’ve decided to make significant positive changes, people may still be resistant. However, if you create a stress-free atmosphere with laughter and jokes, they can let their guard down, think a little differently, and see the benefits of these changes.

Stress from outside influences (like personal problems) can also affect how people work. They may be able to forget their problems for a few moments, allowing them to reduce anxiety and relax a little.

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