A Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Gonzales, LA Can Effectively Respond to a Low Settlement Offer

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Gonzales, LA Can Effectively Respond to a Low Settlement Offer

After someone is hurt in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver, automotive insurers usually offer a low settlement. Insurance companies know that injured persons typically need money because they have been forced to take time away from work, so they hope the offer will be accepted. A motorcycle accident attorney in Gonzales, LA is ready to respond to that low proposal and name a higher amount that would be more reasonable. Insurers take lawyers seriously and are likely to respond promptly with a counteroffer that is higher than the original one. Negotiations may continue for some time, but the individual will not have to accept that first settlement proposal.

A motorcycle accident attorney in Gonzales, LA also knows when the first settlement offer is acceptable. Although people may feel skeptical, this does happen sometimes, so the offer should not automatically be rejected. Rejecting a reasonable settlement and bringing the case before a jury could result in an even lower amount being awarded since the actions of juries cannot be predicted. That’s a primary reason why lawyers on both sides of these issues strongly prefer settling out of court. Another reason is that bringing a case to trial is expensive and time-consuming. Most people who have been seriously injured do not want to wait longer than necessary to receive money they need now. They may have bills piling up and overdue notices, and they may be using their savings.

An injured person can get a FREE initial consultation with an attorney to evaluate the case. They should bring medical documentation verifying the severity of the injury, along with any other relevant evidence. The estimate of monetary damage to the motorcycle should be included, and the police report would be valuable as well if that can be obtained. In the counteroffer letter, the lawyer will want to list reasons why the insurer’s offer is unacceptable. If the insurer is disputing whether its policyholder is at fault, further investigation by an organization such as Pujo, Pryor & Irwin from The Litigation Firm may be needed to confirm that this driver caused the collision.

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