Moving Companies in Tacoma WA: What to Do with Used Moving Boxes?

While most moving companies in Tacoma, WA don’t recommend using secondhand boxes when moving, they will still have to handle getting rid of these boxes after a move. Despite thinking that the used boxes are useless, there are a number of ways to give them a second life, as long as they are stored carefully. Getting to know some of the ways that used boxes can be given a second life can be beneficial.

Reuse the Boxes

Purchasing a new box is highly recommended by moving companies in Tacoma, WA. However, if a used box is reused, it should only be reused once and then thrown away. If a box is reused more than once, it may result in the box being unstable. If a box is going to be reused at some point down the road, it is important to store them carefully. The first step is to disassemble the box and make a pile. At this point, they can be stored in a closet, basement or attic. These reused boxes can hold any type of household item from china, holiday decorations, or even non-seasonal clothes. They can also be cut up for future moves to act as dividers in between breakable items.

Recycle the Boxes

If a person doesn’t want to hang on to and store the boxes, then recycling them is a good option. Not only will this keep the boxes out of closets and the attic, it is good for the environment. Be sure to break the boxes down first and check the rules for recycling in the local area.

Throw them Out

If the box is dirty, ripped, bent, or has been contaminated by bugs or exposed to the elements, it should be disposed of immediately. Remember, it is best to disassemble the box before throwing it away.

There is no question that having quality boxes for a move is a must. However, once the move is complete, finding a way to get rid of these boxes is a most. More information about this can be found by contacting the staff at Boush Moving Company. Being informed will help minimize having to deal with endless boxes after a move.

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