Questions and Answers About Elevators From Elevator Technologies Inc

When installing an elevator in a new building or residence, there may be many questions that may need to be asked. Choosing the right company to perform the service is something that has many facets to consider. Here are a few of the top questions that clients have when first dealing with elevator installation companies such as Elevator Technologies Inc.

Q. What is meant by proprietary equipment?

A. Many elevator companies install elevators that function with the aid of proprietary software that is designed to be only able to be worked on by the manufacturer. This means that on-site maintenance or third-party maintenance companies would be unable to perform any work on the elevator in the event that breakdown occurs. This essentially means that the customer is forced into signing a contract with a particular service company to be able to use their elevator. It is wise to consider if this is a situation that is desirable.

Q. Are all maintenance plans equal?

A. Certainly not! Maintenance plans generally come in different levels of service, depending on how much money the company is willing to spend on maintenance and how much risk they are willing to assume. It is in the best interest of the company to carefully read the contract they are signing to fully understand what they are getting themselves into. Some unscrupulous companies do such things as hiding rollover clauses into the contracts which force the buyer into new terms whether they are satisfied with the current service plan or not, and which levy stiff penalties for canceling the contract.
Q. How long do elevators last?

A. This is completely dependent on how often and how well the elevators are maintained, the style of the elevator purchased, and also how often the elevator is used. visit the website and ask the installation company what the typical lifespan is of the elevator that they are installing in conjunction with the use you expect it to receive.

A professional elevator company such as Elevator Technologies Inc will ensure that the elevator purchase process is a pleasant one. Experience and integrity with a willingness to stand behind the products they sell are both attributes to look for when installation time comes near. Visit the website.

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