Mowing Tips to Ensure Great Looking Landscape Designs in Norwalk CT

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Landscaping

A homeowner’s landscape is much more than just the plants, hardscapes and other elements that are used. In fact, the way the space is maintained makes a huge difference in the overall look of Landscape Designs in Norwalk CT. Taking some time to learn some of the proper mowing methods can help ensure a landscape continues to look amazing throughout the year.

Each time a person mows their yard, they are paving the way to the failure or success of the grass. When proper mowing techniques are used, the turf will remain healthy, thick, and drought tolerant. However, if improper techniques are used, the lawn will struggle to make it.

Tips for Mowing in Shady Areas

In any Landscape Designs in Norwalk CT, there are going to be areas of shade. In these areas, it is beneficial to use a higher mowing height. The longer grass blades will have more surface area to conduct photosynthesis. If the light in the area is low, then allowing it to remain a bit longer can help ensure it remains healthy.

Only Mow when the Grass is Completely Dry

If possible, only mow the grass when it is completely dry. If a homeowner were to mow a wet lawn, it isn’t going to harm the grass, but it also won’t produce the best results. In fact, when the grass is wet, it can clog the mower deck. It may also fall over and begin to clump together as the space is mowed. If this happens, these large balls of dead grass need to be removed from the ground, or it will kill the grass under it. Also, don’t mow when the soil is soggy. This presents the risk of creating wheel ruts that tear up the grass that is present.

Taking the time to learn how to properly mow grass will pay off in the long run. It will help ensure the grass remains healthy and continues to grow. More information about proper lawn care and how to optimize the landscape design that is present can be found by contacting the professionals at Giglio Landscape Services LLC.

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