Navigating the Different Types of Nursing Care in Avon CT for Seniors

As one age, they may begin to need special care to help them do things that they are no longer able to do on their own. When this time comes, it can be difficult and confusing to determine the type of care needed at different stages. Read on to learn more about the different types of Nursing Care in Avon CT. This information will help make choosing a facility easier and less overwhelming.

Assisted living

Assisted living facilities are designed for those who need a bit of help. They may need help remembering the medication, having their meals prepared, or getting to and from different locations. These facilities are staffed with workers who are trained to work with and help seniors. Family members can relax knowing that their loved ones are getting nutritious meals, being safely driven to and from appointments, and outings and that someone is overseeing their medication. There is also always someone available to check on residents, so they aren’t left alone for days at a time. For the residents, they have their own small space; that is just for them. It may not be the large home that they are used to, but for many just knowing that they have their own space is enough. Visit Shady Oaks Assisted Living LLC to learn more about what this type of facility has to offer your loved ones.

Skilled facility

When a resident’s needs become more than the assisted living facility can handle, they are often moved to a skilled nursing facility. Seniors who are no longer able to function on their own in their own living space, are moved into these spaces where constant skilled Nursing Care in Avon CT is offered. If a resident at an assisted living facility appears to be heading in the direction of needing more care, speak to the director to discuss options and time frames. Skilled facilities provide services such as laundry, meals, and activities for residents. They are also able to medically supervise residents.

No matter what type of a care a loved on needs, take the time to investigate a facility to ensure that the care offered is right for your loved one.

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