Why Would You Need Roll-Off Service in San Antonio, TX?

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Waste Management

A roll-off container is one that is larger than a standard dumpster. They’re called roll-offs because they are delivered on large trucks and have to be rolled off the back of the truck. Typically, they come in three sizes. They’re available in 20, 30, and 40 yard sizes. That means they are 20 square yards or 60 square feet. The containers themselves are different heights for different uses. A quality roll-off service can make it much easier to renovate an entire section of your house while remodeling and is great for any sort of commercial use. Here are the different sizes and their uses.

20-yard Roll-Offs

A 20-yard roll-off is typically the smallest size roll-off and much larger than a dumpster. They’re often used for home renovations, deck or patio removal, and small construction projects. For example, if you are renovating your kitchen and your bathroom, you will produce a large amount of trash from the construction materials. You will be removing tiles, fixtures, siding, drywall, ceiling materials, and possibly some insulation. Most of that would not fit into a dumpster, though. The roll-off service in San Antonio, TX becomes absolutely crucial when it comes to removing fixtures.

Bathtubs, sinks, washers, dryers, and other such large appliances take up a lot of space; that’s why you should call Tiger Sanitation. They provide roll-offs that will fit everything you need.

30-Yard Roll-Offs

If you find that you need an even larger container, a good roll-off service will offer you a 30-yard container. You’ll often use these for lot clearing and new construction. Lot clearing involves a lot of organic waste. Yard and forest waste takes up a lot of space. The leaves and branches are not very dense, but they are voluminous. Alternately, trees and stumps are very heavy as well as voluminous. You need a large container to fit all of that. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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