Need Urgent Care in Maui? Consider a Neighborhood Clinic

Urgent care clinics are fast becoming the first choice for medical care on the island of Maui. The facilities are more convenient than hospitals and provide efficient service. Many patients visit centers for Urgent Care in Maui as well as routine medical needs. The well-equipped clinics provide high quality care for patients of all ages and take most insurance.

Clinics Are Designed for Convenience

Patients often use urgent care clinics instead of hospital emergency rooms. Hospitals E.R.s are basically geared for life-threatening emergencies, which they always take first. As a result, patients with minor, but painful, conditions can wait for hours. In addition, hospitals are usually centrally located, which means that some patients need to travel miles for help. Urgent care clinics are built in neighborhoods and are easily accessible. Facilities like Wailea Medical Center and Urgent Care provide directions and complete lists of services online. Clients who visit the website can also research clinic operating hours, which include weekends.

Patients Get Fast Help in Emergencies

Centers that offer Urgent Care in Maui can treat a wide range of minor emergencies. They have X-ray equipment and can diagnose fractures on site. Clinics include labs, allowing them to quickly detect and treat problems that include allergic reactions and the flu. On site doctors treat lacerations, bites, stings, earaches and asthma. Because they have their own pharmacies, patients can get original and refill prescriptions for pain meds. Many tourists visit a clinic when they need to refill a controlled medication prescription. The centers also offer fast help when patients need sleep, anti-anxiety and allergy meds.

Urgent Care Centers Offer Routine Care

Emergency treatment centers are also designed for routine medical care. Patients use them for sports and PADI physicals. Clinics provide immunizations as well as pneumonia and flu shots. They provide Gardasil and tetanus boosters. Most facilities accept motor vehicle accident and Workers’ Compensation claims. In fact, they generally bill a wide range of insurers. Their charges are also reasonable when patients need to pay in cash.

It is becoming common for Maui residents and visitors to get medical care at urgent care clinics. The medical centers are designed and staffed to provide fast, efficient, affordable routine and urgent care

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