Not All Picture Frame Glass in Sugar Land, TX is Created Equal

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Windshields and Glass

One of the best ways to display treasured memories is to have a photo printed and hang it up inside the home. But it isn’t always easy to choose the right picture frame glass in Sugar Land TX or even the right picture frame itself. There are several things to keep in mind when shopping around for picture frame glass. There are many different features available, creating a wide range of price points.

Clear Glass (Traditional Picture Frame Glass)

At one point, clear glass was the only option when it came to picture frames. On the upside, the glass protects the picture from harm and prevents dust from getting inside. While the picture is clear when someone is standing directly in front of it, if he or she is looking at it across the room, there could be significant glare that prevents a view of the picture. Because this glass doesn’t have any special features, it tends to be the least expensive of all the options.

UV Treated Glass

Ever notice fading inside certain parts of the flooring or even the furniture where the sunlight comes in through a window? Unfortunately, the same thing can happen to pictures if they are constantly coming into contact with UV rays. While this isn’t a problem in every home, it’s still something to consider, especially if the picture or photo is something of real value or importance to the owner. Because this glass does more than the traditional glass, it tends to cost a little more.

No-Glare Glass

If the goal is to provide the best possible viewing experience, the no-glare glass is a great option. This type of picture frame glass in Sugar Land TX ensures that no matter where a person is standing in a room, he or she will be able to view the picture, even with lots of sunlight streaming into the space. It can be nice to have photos that have sentimental value displayed this way to ensure that everyone can see them clearly at all times. Again, there is a slightly higher cost for this type of glass. If you’re looking to frame a picture or photo check out to learn more about your options.

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