Tempered Glass Shower Doors And Enclosures

Tempered Glass Shower Doors And Enclosures

As a result of many injuries attributed to broken glass shower doors and enclosures, the Federal Government, in close cooperation with the Consumer Products Safety Commission made it mandatory that shower doors, tub doors, enclosures, sliding glass doors and doors with more than nine sq ft of glass be made with tempered glass.

Tempered glass is glass which has been subjected to treatment that results in small pieces in the event it is broken, these small pieces are far less dangerous to people.

What would cause this glass to break?

Those professionals that are involved in glass repair in Chicago know that the most vulnerable part of a glass sheet is the edges. Frameless shower enclosures are very popular but if the glass should come into contact other than a bumper designed to control the doors movement, chances are the door glass will be broken.

Although impact is a common cause of shower door glass breakage it can also happen should the door be placed under stress, especially at areas where hardware attaches. It is important that metal hardware does not come into direct contact with the glass; there must be a rubber washer or grommet in place.

How can glass breakage be avoided?

Although glass repair is available, it is always best to try and prevent the problem. Even though the glass is tempered, never forget it is still glass, treat it as such. If you spot any loose hardware, tighten it. Don’t let your children swing on the towel bars and avoid slamming the shower door. If you are faced with glass repair in Chicago insist on glass manufactured in the US as the standard is higher than that found in many other countries.

You can never be one hundred percent sure, if your shower door or enclosure should break and you are in the shower, grab a towel and place it on the shards before you make an exit. Once you are out of the enclosure call the pros who do glass repair in Chicago.

In the event the glass shower door or enclosure in your home should bshatter, take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety and then arrange glass repair in Chicago by contacting Lakeview Glass. Visit them online at www.lakeviewglassinc.com/glass-in-chicago.html

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