Avoiding Mosquitoes and other Unexpected Benefits of Grounds Maintenance

Avoiding Mosquitoes and other Unexpected Benefits of Grounds Maintenance

Proper lawn care can affect more than property value. Did you know a well-placed tree can reduce air condition bills up to 75% and heating bills by 15%? Or that using mosquito fogging can reduce the spread of dangerous viruses like zika? Here is a list of some unexpected benefits when looking for grounds maintenance companies in Houston, Texas.

Energy Bill and Landscaping

Putting a tree in the right spot can help your heating and air conditioning bill. The shade and protection provided by trees can help in your quest for affordable temperature control. According to the Department of Energy, having a well-maintained tree in your yard can save anywhere from $100 to $250 annually, which is a huge savings.

Mosquitoes Reduction

Many grounds maintenance companies also offer some sort of pest control, which your neighbors or employees will appreciate. More than that, mosquito control can help reduce the spread of certain viruses. The zika virus, in particular, is spread by these insipid insects. Reducing the number of these nuisances in a way that doesn’t harm your lawn can benefit you, as well as everyone around you.

Reducing Damage

By removing tree limbs and other foliage, you can improve visibility and reduce the risk of structural damage during storms. Fallen tree limbs can be harmful and can pose a safety hazard, so it’s best to get these out of the way as soon as possible. By keeping your tree limbs trimmed, you can avoid hazard trees and stop structural damages before they occur. This will also help your property to look its best at all times.

When looking at the different grounds maintenance companies in Houston, Texas, it’s nice to know what you want. Keeping these three benefits in mind can help with selecting the company and services which are right for you.

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