Off to a Good Start: Puppy Training in Chicago

Off to a Good Start: Puppy Training in Chicago

Bringing home a new puppy or rescue dog is the start of a life filled with wet kisses and furry snuggles. It is also means being responsible for the safety and security of an animal companion. Beyond ensuring that a pet has annual vet check-ups, a balanced diet, and plenty of exercises, there is the responsibility of training. A well-trained pet is not only a pleasure to be around; but they are also often safer when out in public or in stressful situations. Puppy Training in Chicago can put new pet owners on the right track to a well-mannered pet.

Puppy Training Classes

Puppy training often includes an opportunity for early socialization. Once puppies have received their required first set of vaccinations, they can safely interact with other pets. Socializing puppies early helps them become accustomed to all types of people, pets, and situations. A well-adjusted pet will be able to take things in stride instead of becoming over excited or stressed.

Basic Training Classes

Basic dog training classes usually include training in the basic obedience commands:

1. Sit
2. Stay
3. Come/Recall
4. Down
5. Off
6. Heel
7. Drop It/Leave It

Teaching dogs these commands can turn even the wildest canine into a calm and pleasant companion. They can also save a dog’s life when faced with emergencies where quick thinking and responses are needed. Having a dog trained to stop and stay on command can keep dogs out of traffic or other scary situations.

A well-trained canine can accompany owners on vacation and to family gatherings and events where an out-of-control pet will not be welcome.

Advanced Training Opportunities

Puppy Training in Chicago is just the beginning of the training journey. After basic obedience, many dog owners choose to go onto more advanced training classes. This can include classes that include training in hand signals, off-leash training, and specialty classes including agility and other dog-related sports.

Extended Stay Training

Some pets require a more intensive training course and in-house training that requires pet’s to stay at training centers may be offered. These courses can help pets who deal with aggression, anxiety, and other behaviors that are tough to break in group settings.

Regardless of a dog’s age or stage in life, there is a training class that can benefit pets and owners. Visit us  see how experienced trainers can make a difference in a dog’s life.

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