How Corporate Moving Companies in New Orleans Can Benefit Your Business

by | Oct 26, 2015 | Moving and Storage

Moving an employee to a new home is a big job, requiring time, energy and money. This is why choosing one of the leading corporate moving companies serving New Orleans is paramount. The right company offers various services designed to make your employee’s move hassle free no matter his or her specific needs.

Corporate Moving
Your workers’ moves ultimately have an effect on your business. A reputable moving company understands this and understands the significance of talent management, so you can expect it to consider all aspects of an employee’s move when customizing a program for you. With the help of corporate moving companies, New Orleans businesses of all sizes – both large and small – can depend on movers to manage their workers’ moves from beginning to end so they can focus their attention on their companies.

Leading employee moving companies offer group moving services and also have programs in place to help an employee moving with a lump sum. For instance, the mover can extend the terms of a company’s transportation agreement to the employee, or the mover can offer help with marketing the employee’s existing home or with locating a new residence. Top-of-the-line movers can even take steps to educate these employees about their new cities so that they can more easily transition to living in their new hometowns.

Additional Services
Corporate movers can assist employees with moving their household goods and may even offer full-service containers to make the job easier. Other benefits worth looking for in a moving service are customized reporting and valuation coverage along with claims management. You can even use shipment tracking services to check on your workers’ shipments; your employees can also gain access to track their personal shipments as well.

Your employees can also take advantage of specialty packing and crating for personal items requiring more attention and care. Companies also offer various storage solutions, which include dedicated containers. No matter how far away your employee is moving or the timetable of the move, a quality company will work with you to help both you and your worker to achieve your goals.

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