Options In Natural Stone Countertops

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Home Improvement

If you have made the decision to install natural stone countertops in your Plymouth, MN home you have already made an important decision in creating a beautiful kitchen and bathroom area.

Natural stone countertops are rich and elegant in their appearance, but they are also designed to be solid, dependable, and long term investments in your home. These counters will blend perfectly with any kitchen, bathroom, or home décor from a very sophisticated European look to an earthy, rustic Americana design.

Depending on the type of stone that you select you will have different color options. With natural stone colors are determined by the formation of the rock over time, with minerals, sedimentation and pressure all playing a role over thousands of years in the colors and patterns within the stone.

With all types of natural stone countertops, there will be variations within the patterns and designs. This is part of the attraction to this type of option as no two counters will ever look the same, giving a unique aspect to each and every home and each counter within a home.


Granite is one of the most versatile options for countertops, providing a beautiful, durable natural stone that can be polished to a natural luster and shine. This stone has amazing colors and almost a three-dimensional look in for many of the patterns and color choices.

Granite counters are easy to clean and maintain, and will only require sealing once a year, which is very easy to do on your own.


Marble offers a touch of classic elegance, yet it is an ideal match in very modern looking kitchen or even in a rustic country kitchen. The colors and patterns in marble countertops range from the subtle and neutral to the defined patterns. Marble tends to include the more earthy tones and colors which blend well with natural wood.


For a modern look to a kitchen, including some very bright and dynamic colors and patterns, quartz is an excellent choice in countertops. With colors and patterns similar to marble or granite as well as unique options such as bright blues, purples, apple greens and even ruby reds this durable option really makes an impression.

Many people renovating their homes in Plymouth, MN choose one of these types of countertops. All are good options, and for most people their personal taste in colors and patterns will be the deciding factor.

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