Your Questions Answered About Smoke Damage Recovery

Your Questions Answered About Smoke Damage Recovery

When homeowners experience a fire in their home, the mess looks nearly impossible to clean up and the smoke odor can linger for a long time. To make sure that your home is clean and safe for your family as quickly as possible, contact a company that specializes in Smoke Damage Recovery. To learn more information about this valuable service, read the frequently asked questions below about smoke damage restoration.

Q.) Should a homeowner try to clean the smoke damaged items or should this be left to professionals?

A.) Smoke odor and soot can be very hard to get out of some items in the home. If the proper cleaners and deodorizers aren’t used, it could make the damage worse. Professional recovery crews have the proper equipment and cleaners to completely remove the black soot and smoke odors from a home and a family’s belongings. When a home has fire and smoke damage, the clean up is best left to a professional company.

Q.) Can a professional company restore smoke damaged photographs and other sentimental belongings?

A.) Most of the time smoke damaged photos and other items of sentimental value can be perfectly restored by a recovery crew. In rare cases, some items may not be salvageable if they are too damaged. Many items from the home, such as photographs and clothing, will be taken to a different location for cleaning and restoring. The recovery crew will make a list of all items that are taken off the premises for restoration.

Q.) How does a recovery crew clean up the home and get rid of smoke odor after a fire?

A.) The crew that specializes in Smoke Damage Recovery uses special cleaners and disinfectants to wipe down all surfaces in the home that are smoke damaged. Everything in the home will be deodorized and the crew will use special machines to neutralize the air and remove any traces of odor.

Arizona Mold is an experienced company that specializes in water remediation, mold removal and smoke damage services. Browse the website to learn how this professional company can get your home safe and livable again as soon as possible.

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