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by | Jan 10, 2019 | Welding

While there may be three different components to a stud welding system, it is really the hand held weld tools, often simply called stud weld guns, that are the most important to the operator.

When the hand held weld tools are well designed and built to be used comfortably even on long jobs and projects, they help to reduce operator fatigue and to prevent issues with pain in the hand, arm, and shoulders that can be common with cheap stud weld guns.

With each type of system, it is important to consider the hand held weld tool or the stud weld gun and chose the best tool for the given application.

CD Hand Held Weld Tools

CD or capacitor Discharge hand held weld tools can be designed for gap and contact types of stud welding. These are typically smaller and slightly lighter in weight than the drawn arc weld guns, particularly the heavy-duty models.

These are small, compact type of hand held weld tools that should fit comfortably into the hand. They should also be easy to twist and maneuver into angles and corners and in small spaces. Look for systems with automatic gap distancing and with easy to see visual feedback on settings on the gun.

Drawn Arc Hand Held Weld Tools

With both standard and heavy duty models, these stud weld guns are designed to be used indoors and out. They should be fully compatible with your current stud weld system, and it is important to note not all will be integrated without specific additional components.

Fixture Mounted Weld Tools

Fixture mounted weld tools are not hand held, but they are designed to be used with automated or robotic types of welding applications. They should be designed for easy loading and for limited operator requirements for operation.

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