Options To Consider In Replacement Entrance Doors

There are a lot of different factors to consider when selecting replacement entrance doors for a home. Doors, just like any part of a home, have a unique style. They can also be very complimentary to the overall design of the home while still being very functional, energy efficient and secure.

As a homeowner, selecting entrance doors may not seem like a big decision. This is only true before you start looking at the options available. Once you see the styles, designs, materials, glass options and even the cost factor making the decision can get more complicated.

To help with understanding the pros and cons of different types of entrance doors it is easiest to consider the materials the doors are constructed of and the design options within the material.

Steel Doors

Steel doors tend to be lower cost doors depending on the style, amount of glass and the overall size and quality of the door. These entrance doors are often considered the most secure but this is really not relevant with new options in locking systems for wood doors.

Unlike what many people assume, steel doors are not ideal for heavy traffic areas or for exposure to wet weather or any type of salt spray. Scratches on steel entrance doors can lead to rusting and discoloration and it can be difficult to paint to match the rest of the door.


Fiberglass entrance doors are more durable than steel even in wet conditions or in salt spray areas. They come in a variety of colors, designs, sizes and styles but they are pre-manufactured with limited options for customization.

Fiberglass doors tend to feel lighter than steel doors or wood doors, but they are a durable, secure door for any home. With top quality fiberglass doors the cost may be as much or higher than some types of quality wood doors.

Wood Doors

Wood doors, especially those stained to allow the rich wood grain to show through, are still considered the Cadillac of doors. They are durable, strong and will last a lifetime of use with only limited maintenance care.

With different options in wood, the ability to fully customize the door or design a door to suit the home, it is difficult to find a reason not to use these doors.

Wood doors can easily be touched up if scratches occur and with today’s options in stains and sealants they are durable in any environment. Heavy, durable and secure wood entrance doors are still the replacement door of choice for most renovation projects.

At Nick’s Building Supply, Inc. we offer an extensive line of wood entrance doors for replacements or new construction. To see our inventory go to website or visit our Twitter page for more information.

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