Say “I Do” with a Court Marriage in San Antonio

by | May 8, 2015 | Weddings

Want to get married but don’t want all of the fuss? Take a look at court weddings for the perfect option to tie the knot and be with the one you love. A court marriage in San Antonio will let you exchange vows and will legally marry you. You kiss and go on to share the rest of your life together. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of choosing this type of wedding.

Not Every Bride Is a Diva

Some little girls spend their time with a pillowcase and a tiara on their head, lining their dolls up in neat rows to be their obedient bridesmaids. By the time they get a ring on their finger, the wedding is planned down to the very last detail and all they needed was the groom. The court marriage is an ideal choice if the thought of planning a wedding sounds like more work than fun. If you simply want to start your life with the one you love and don’t want the hassle of planning some big event on top of this major milestone moment. Say “I do” to the one you love in a short ceremony and let the other diva brides plan elaborate weddings with ice swan fountains and all of the other features we’ve seen before.

Your Soon to Be Spouse Is in the Military

This is a very popular reason to select a court marriage, and some would say it is a very romantic choice. If your soon to be spouse is active duty military, then they may be about to be sent off to another part of the world in a short amount of time. You are not able to spend months and months planning that perfect wedding you dreamed up, but you want to be married before you will be apart for a long time. The court wedding does not take a long time to plan and can be organized with minimal fuss.

It’s Not the Right Time for a Big Event

If you are a recent college graduate or have other financial obligations, sometimes planning a wedding is simply financially out of reach. Having a court marriage is something that you can do to be legally wed and stay within your budget. Many people have chosen it for this reason and then have thrown a big anniversary party for their five or ten year anniversary for the whole family to celebrate with them.

One thing we recommend if you choose a court ceremony is to think of ways to include family and friends in your recent marriage. Go out to dinner to celebrate or have a BBQ at home so everyone can raise a toast in your honor. Try to get together with loved ones within six months of your wedding date and bring photos of your court wedding to share this moment with everyone.

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