Common Mistakes Brides and Grooms in Choosing a Wedding Officiant

Common Mistakes Brides and Grooms in Choosing a Wedding Officiant

Weddings must be the time for merry-making, laughter and cheer. However, there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes that it can all make for a very stressful time for you and your soon to be spouse. Want to be radiant on your wedding day? Cut down on the stress. Here’s a look at common mistakes grooms and brides make when they hire a wedding officiant. Make sure you avoid them at all costs:

Not doing your research

Some couples want less stress and costs so they go for civil or courthouse weddings. However, these still need preparation and planning. So make sure you do your research. Do you want a minister or officiant? Make sure they legit, says the Huffington Post. Do your research and decide.

Contacting them late

Don’t contact the officiant or minister of your choice a week or day before the wedding and expect them to say yes. Chances are, they’re going to say no. So get in touch with them months before. Set the date ahead of time and give them plenty of notice. That way, if something comes up, you’ll still have enough time to look around for a replacement.

Rushing through it

Your wedding officiant has an important job to play. S/he will solemnize the marriage and can set the mood of the wedding with a well-placed joke or moving speech. So be careful about settling for just any officiant you find who’s conveniently available for the date and time of your wedding day. If you want to make the occasion even more special, then picking out the right officiant is crucial.

Not getting to know your officiant

It’s better when the officiant personally knows you and your partner. That goes both ways, though. So spend some time getting to know him/her. When you’re all comfortable and at ease with each other, you’re certain to enjoy your wedding even further.

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