Commemorate a Special Wedding with Same-Sex Wedding Photography in Cincinnati OH

A wedding is a point to commemorate the lasting love between two people, regardless of sexual orientation. Some weddings are massive affairs with chapels filled with people looking in envy to the billowing white dress and trailing train. While others are simple affairs with only two witnesses and a minister to wed the lucky couple. No matter the size of the wedding it is a special time in one’s life that should be remembered.

Perhaps one of the biggest political debates of the century is gay, same sex, marriage rights. Decades of activism led up to June 26th, 2015 when the American Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. With a slim 5-4 majority they changed the lives of so many people in the world. Although it has been legalized doesn’t always mean that people are going to follow that law or be affected by it. For example, a gay couple can now legally get married, but it doesn’t mean that the bakery or photographer that they wanted will serve them. Thankfully there are groups and businesses, like, to provide the services of Same Sex Wedding Photography in Cincinnati OH. Getting married should be something to remember. That first kiss after the vows have been made. The first dance between the newly weds. In some cases the dance between the bride and her father. All these moments are precious and if no pictures are taken may one day lead to a great deal of regret. A day when you wake up and think back to the day of the wedding, but the picture in your mind is fuzzy. The picture gradually becomes more and more of a passing thought not the memory of one of the best days of your life.

When it comes to matters of the heart, there is no rhyme or reason to who you fall in love with. Getting married is a big decision in anyone’s life. It is about connecting with someone else that you want to spend the rest of your days in their arms. This is such a unique piece of human society that it must be remembered. Remember it through Same-Sex Wedding Photography in Cincinnati OH.

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