Shopping For Beautiful Wedding Dresses In Pittsburgh, PA

Brides have not always wore white dresses. Centuries ago, the technology was not available to bleach fabric. Rather, women wore their finest dress for the big day. However, brides could not wear green because it was thought to be unlucky. Blue was popular because the color is associated with purity. It was not until Queen Victoria’s wedding that white dresses became a trend. The Queen wore an elaborate dress accented with orange blossoms. Interestingly, the white of that day was more of a cream color.

Today, it is easy to purchase white wedding dresses in Pittsburgh PA. Things were not so easy for the 19th century woman. Only the richest people could afford elaborate wedding dresses. That is because tailoring was expensive. White wedding dresses faded from sight during the 1930’s and the Great Depression. Money was scarce so women wore whatever was available. Nonetheless, the trend returned with notable brides like Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy. They wore elaborate white dresses with long trains. Afterward, it was taboo for brides to wear anything but white.

Interestingly, women in eastern countries choose red wedding dresses. In many cultures, red is a sign of good luck. On the other hand, Japanese women wear many colorful dresses on their special day. Modern brides can choose from many Wedding Dresses in Pittsburgh PA. The sky is the limit when it comes to colors and designs. White is still a favorite for brides but light pastel colors are popular. Designer Reem Acra’s spring 2018 runway show featured a voluminous white gown. Additionally, the gown was embroidered with gold flowers all over. On the other hand, Christian Siriano highlighted a sleek gown made of illusion with feathers attached.

Brides are fortunate today with the variety in styles. Indeed, brides can choose from any length. Tea-length dresses are as trendy as longer dresses. Likewise, some brides select pants or shorts for the special day. Of course, the popular high-low style is en vogue for weddings. Imagine, the back of the dress is long and the front is knee-length. Why not show off your individuality with wedding attire?

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