How A Dry Herb Pen Works

by | May 8, 2015 | Shopping

While the vast majority of e-cigarette users own and use a liquid vaporizer type of device, there are an increasing number of people choosing to use a dry herb pen. This is a unique device which allows e-smokers to select from a variety of dried herbs and spices to create a unique smoking experience.

Dry herbs are often used for medicinal or recreational reasons and can include a wide range of different individual herbs or herb combinations. These herbs can be purchased at a variety of vendors online and, just like e-cigarette juices, the choices can include all types of smoke flavors and intensities.

Choosing Dry Herbs and Flowers

One of the most important keys to using a dry herb or herb vaporizer is to choose the best dry herbs and flowers available. Also, the finer the herbs are ground the more effectively they will burn in the chamber, creating the best smoking experience.

It is also extremely important to choose a pen that allows control of the amount of heat to a system which will allow the herbs and flowers to actually vape and not simply burn.

Using a Dry Herb Pen

Following these simple steps will allow you to enjoy your dry herb vaporizer.

Step 1: Start by assembling your pen if this is your first use or if you are using a new battery, which is highly recommended if you current battery is low.

Turn the pen on and ensure the chamber is heating. Turn the pen off and remove the chamber.

Step 2: Holding the atomizer chamber upright, fill the chamber with ground herbs or ground herbs and flowers of your choice. The finer the grind is on the mixture, the more uniformly it will burn.

Step 3: Replace the herb chamber/atomizer back onto the battery component of your dry herb pen. Depending on the style of pen you are using you may have a regulator type of attachment or it may simply be the mouthpiece.

Step 4: Adjust the setting on the pen to reflect that you are using a dry herb atomizer, which will be a lower battery setting to avoid immediately burning of the finely ground herbs and flowers, resulting in a true vaping experience.

Step 5: Last, activate the pen by pushing the button the required number of times. Then hold the button to heat the chamber for 4 to 5 seconds to enjoy your e-pen vaping experience. Be sure to completely clean the atomizer between uses for long life and less “ghosting” of flavors.

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