Pain Can Be Treated With Regenerative Medicine in Lawrence KS

Pain Can Be Treated With Regenerative Medicine in Lawrence KS

When someone is in constant pain, they cannot enjoy their life by participating in the things they love doing. Musculoskeletal pain can come on acutely or become chronic in nature, affecting a person for the rest of their life. Thankfully, there are treatments that can help to treat this type of pain. With Regenerative Medicine Lawrence KS, a variety of types of pain can be treated so people can experience greater mobility and true pain relief.

Regenerative Medicine in Lawrence, KS can be used to treat pain in the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and in the spine. This type of injection has been studied since the early 1950s and continues to offer patients a viable treatment option today. Although all forms of musculoskeletal pain can respond to this treatment, doctors are amazed at how it can work to heal muscle issues that are causing pain.

In the past, very little could be done for muscle pain. Although traditional types of intervention like physical therapy, drug intervention, and even surgery can sometimes be beneficial in stopping the pain, these do not always allow a patient to fully regain their mobility and full level of movement.

These injections are given directly into the affected area. They contain a solution of vitamins, including glucosamine HCL. The injections also contain donor platelets, fat, or bone grafts from the patient’s own body. This injection leads to the healing process beginning. As new tissues are grown in the area, the patient begins to feel less pain and is able to regain mobility.

Most people will need more than one treatment for the injections to be a success. The vast majority of patients will receive from four to six treatments that will need to be spaced apart. While these injections are successful in treating many people, some may not receive as positive a response as hoped for. It is important a person is carefully screened to ensure they are a good candidate.

If you are dealing with chronic musculoskeletal pain and would like to find lasting relief, contact the Center For Manual Medicine and ask for a consultation appointment. They can help you find permanent relief from your pain.

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