Paper Towel Dispensers vs. Electric Bathroom Hand Dryers

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

The timeless debate that pits electric bathroom hand dryers against regular paper towel dispensers will pose a challenging dilemma for anybody in charge of remodeling projects or new bathroom construction. A few people eagerly hop at the chance to show forward thinking by going paperless as well as saving waste whereas other people hold on dearly to the nostalgic days of wadding 15 paper towels up between their hands and throwing the rest inside an accompanying waste receptacle. Both are viable choices for contemporary bathroom designs, yet assessing the cons and pros of both is going to assist you in making the best decision for your washroom application.

Which choice is more cost-effective?

Electric hand dryers are obtainable from all of the usual suspects, which include Bradley, American Specialties, World Dryer, Dyson, and Bobrick. The first generation hand dryers, the kind that do not sound like jet engines as well as where you finish drying your hands on your slacks while strolling away, go anywhere from $300.00 – $700.00 depending upon finish and operation options. Second generation blow-you-over bathroom hand dryers may go anywhere from $500.00 – $1100.00. Extra costs involve electricity to run the electric hand dryers as well as an electrician to put them in, yet are negligible as compared with cost of model.

Regular paper towel dispensers will run the gambit from plastic dispensers which are free with the purchase of a paper contract, to over $200.00 for stainless steel, heavy-duty dispensers utilized in high abuse, high traffic places. Extra costs here include paper towels (hefty recurring cost which varies based upon how much paper is used) as well as waste receptacles for trash (that may be anyplace from $40.00 for a Rubbermaid at Home Depot, over to $200.00 for a stainless steel wall mounted waste bin).

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