Perfect those Moments with a Video Service in Lexington KY

One of the most effective forms of advertisements is exposing people to your product. Since millions of people are watching television at every moment of everyday, it remains the best way to reach potential customers. Some commercials are only a few seconds but can influence the opinions of millions. Others may be as long as a minute or two. However, despite the final length, each are culminations of hours of video and preparation.

One of the best parts of the Super Bowl are the half-time commercials. Each slot is worth incredible amounts. Some companies pay tens of millions of dollars to have that one thirty-second slot for their company. So it makes sense that they want their money’s worth from their commercial. They will plan for months, probably starting right after their last commercial airs, use focus groups and behavioral psychologist to determine how to most effectively get their product embedded in our minds. Then they will cast the different roles for the tape and build the set. From there all that remains is to do the actual filming. After multiple attempts and hours of video, the acting part is done. Now is the editing portion. Editing doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Most modern films use dozens of hours of editing for every few minutes of video recorded. The lion’s share of the work on a movie is the editing and for that, you want a professional, like First String Media Productions a Video Service in Lexington KY. But even dealing with a commercial or other corporate videos, having a professionally edited video can make all the difference in the world when persuading someone.

A Video Service in Lexington KY can create a commercial that has the capability of changing minds and making people buy the product advertised. While seeing one commercial probably won’t sway anyone’s mind. Seeing the same brand advertised over and over again can imprint the brand in your memory. The next time that you go shopping you are most likely going to pick the brand that you are most familiar with. That is why companies are willing to spend millions of dollars every fiscal year on an advertisement. Because the reward obtained from the increase in sales is bigger than the risk of losing the advertisement money.

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