Potential Benefits of Partial Dentures in Trumbull, CT

Potential Benefits of Partial Dentures in Trumbull, CT

When you lose one or more teeth due to trauma, decay, or other reasons, there are a few options for filling the hole(s) left behind, improving your appearance and making it so you can still chew properly. One of the more affordable options, especially when multiple teeth right next to each other are involved, is partial dentures in Trumbull CT. There are a number of potential benefits to making this choice over the alternatives, which include bridges and dental implants.

Compared to Doing Nothing

Compared to not replacing missing teeth, partial dentures in Trumbull CT will help improve your appearance, make it easier to chew, keep other teeth from moving out of place, limit stress on other teeth, prevent changes in looks by supporting the face, and minimize the chance of missing teeth affecting your speech. It isn’t recommended to leave gaps where teeth used to be.

Compared to Bridges

Partial dentures are better than bridges when there are a larger number of teeth that need to be replaced. They’re easier to adjust should other teeth be lost and tend to be a less expensive alternative. There’s less damage to other teeth, because to insert a bridge the adjacent teeth need to be filed down to allow crowns to be inserted to support the bridge. Partial bridges can still slightly damage nearby teeth but are typically attached with small clips so the teeth don’t need to be filed down. However, they do take some getting used to when you first start using them.

Compared to Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the best ways to replace teeth, as they are fused to the bone and help limit bone loss, which dentures and bridges can’t do. They are also cared for just like real teeth and don’t adversely impact adjacent teeth. However, they are typically much more expensive, which puts them out of reach of many people who have to replace multiple teeth. Partial dentures are a more cost-effective alternative in many situations and can take a lot less time to be ready to use.

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