Potential Considerations When Installing Gutter Guards in Louisville, KY

Potential Considerations When Installing Gutter Guards in Louisville, KY

Nobody likes to spend a lot of time cleaning out their home’s gutters so they don’t get clogged and direct rainwater to an undesired location. One way to limit the amount of gutter maintenance necessary is to install Gutter Guards in Louisville KY. There are a number of things to consider when installing gutter guards, however.

Type of Gutter Guards

Fine-mesh gutter guards typically prevent more debris from getting into the gutters while still admitting the water from the roof than the less-expensive mesh systems that can be installed by homeowners. They can sometimes be clogged by debris from old asphalt roofs that are disintegrating, however. Other options include inserts made of either foam or brushes or solid-top guards that are meant to keep out all debris while still allowing water to enter. Solid-top guards sometimes have trouble capturing the water during heavy storms, leaving the runoff to potentially go where you don’t want it to, and it’s also common for them to produce large icicles in places where it gets very cold in the winter. It may also be best to avoid those types of gutter guards that go under the existing shingles, as this can cause leaks from the edge of the roof to be more likely and may void the roof’s warranty.

Necessary Maintenance

Even with gutter guards in Louisville KY, you’ll still need to clean your gutters from time to time. This can be as simple as brushing off the debris from on top of the guards, but every couple years at the very least you’ll need to clean out the gutter itself as smaller items may still find their way inside. This includes seeds from nearby trees as well as dirt and dust. So, theoretically, a tree may start to grow in the gutter if it isn’t cleaned out. This is still a lot less often than the gutters need to be cleaned if they don’t have guards, suggesting the guards are likely to save time and money.

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