FAQs About Product’s Liability Cases Answered by a Law Firm In Junction City, KS

In Kansas, product’s liabilities indicate errors or failures on behalf of the manufacturer or the retailer. The origin of a defect defines how the case proceeds and who the defendant is in these cases. The following are FAQs about product’s liability cases answered by a law firm in Junction City, KS.

Is a manufacturer the only party held accountable?

No. In a product’s liability case, multiple parties could be accountable. It depends on the origin of the defect. For example, the chain of possession may identify it, if it wasn’t present in the product design. If this happens, the entity that causes the defect is accountable. In addition, the retailer would also share fault if they were aware of the damage to the product.

What damages apply in these cases?

Most often the damages equate to the losses experienced by the consumer. They include economic damages to replace lost wages, pay for medical expenses, and provide compensation for pain and suffering. However, the court may provide punitive damages if the case is filed against a manufacturer who was aware of the risks to consumers.

How does the warranty play a role in a product’s liability case?

The warranty guarantees that the product will work as expected. While a personal injury case doesn’t address false advertising, it does address injuries produced during use. It also addresses a failure to identify any related risks.

What occurrences warrant a product’s liability?

Personal injury cases are based on manufacturing or design defects as well as a failure to warn the consumers of hazards. The consumer cannot file a legal claim if they used the product incorrectly and suffered an injury.

How do product labeling and directions apply to these cases?

The manufacturer is required to provide labeling for all known hazards. These warning labels must present the conditions that produce injuries or death. They must also offer exact directions to use the product properly.

In Kansas, product’s liabilities produce hundreds of injuries each year. These circumstances lead to a loss of faith in the manufacturer and hinder their reputation. For the consumer, they sustain injuries after purchasing products from companies they trust. Victims who need assistance from a law firm in Junction City, KS contact Oleen Law Firm or click here today.

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