Practical Tips For Replacing A Dental Saliva Ejector

Practical Tips For Replacing A Dental Saliva Ejector

Over time, and with the option to use different systems in various dental offices, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dentists quickly come to appreciate specific features, functions, and options on different equipment.

A piece of equipment that is used in almost all patient treatment is a dental saliva ejector. The handheld component of the system is actually a valve, and it is through the manipulation of the lever on the valve that the low-pressure vacuum is activated to provide gentle suction to remove accumulated saliva from the patient’s mouth.

Ease of Operation

The most effective options in a dental saliva ejector have to be easy to use in a busy dental practice. This means it is easy to change out the disposable, single-use tips and to insert the new tip. The saliva ejector itself should be easy to clean, and this includes both external as well as internal sterilizing and cleaning.

Many of these devices are designed to be cleaned in an autoclave, which means sterilizing the saliva ejector easy for the staff. However, not all of these parts are, so it is essential to compare and consider the best option. Most of the devices that cannot be autoclaved are easy to take apart and clean, ensuring all protocols for equipment sterilization can be easily maintained.

With experienced dental staff, it may be practical to compare ideas and to create a customized dental saliva ejector for your office. This may include changing the shape of the device, making the control lever larger or smaller or making other modifications to make it the best match for your needs.

In addition to variations in the saliva ejector design and cleaning options, different ejectors are also designed to fit specific types of vacuum tubing. When replacing a current saliva ejector, make sure to know the specific interior diameter of the vacuum tubing for the system.

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