Preparing For A Veterinarian Visit

If you live in Chicago and have a companion animal, you understand how important it is to go to a veterinarian for check-up, shots and other concerns. However, you may not often consider how essential it is to prepare for visits. It is not simply enough to pack up your pet, whisking him or her off for a visit.

Basic Tips

When planning a vet visit, be sure you and your dog are prepared for the visit. This involves a few basic considerations.

1. Go prepared: If this is a check-up make sure you know exactly what you want the vet to look at. Make a list if necessary and check off each item. If this is a visit for a condition or unusual symptoms or behavior, make sure you compile a list of your observations, e.g., symptoms, actions, frequency, timeline
2. Samples: Bring fecal/urine/ vomit samples if necessary. You can phone ahead and ask if this would be helpful.
3. Restraints: You know your pet. If s/he requires certain restraints, inform the vet in advance and/or bring your own.
4. Be on time: You owe the veterinarian the courtesy of being on time
5. Etiquette: When you arrive, check in with reception. Keep your animal under control. Do not let him or her come into contact with other visitors – human or animal unless it is reciprocal.

It is easy to follow these suggestions. If it is your first visit to this Chicago vet clinic, it will help establish a good relationship.

Leaving the Veterinarian Clinic

After you visit the Chicago clinic, do not simply collect the medicine, pay the bill and walk out. Never leave your vets without understanding what they expect you to do. If necessary, have the veterinarian or receptionist write down or print out specific instructions. In the case of an ailing pet, this information will ensure you can do what is expected to help your sick animal get better.

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