Preparing for Commercial Moving

There is plenty to do when getting ready to move a single office or an entire commercial building. The task lists seem to be exponentially longer for commercial moving. Raleigh is home to businesses with employees who have or will endure company moves. Between personal to-do lists, corporate to-do lists and home to-do lists, one could get lost in the paper without getting anything done! Here is one last list to help you prepare.

Remember What NOT to Pack
Most likely, you already have a list of all the things you need to pack. But have you considered the things you should keep out of the many boxes? For example, the critical items that you will need as soon as you arrive in your new location should be kept in your briefcase or otherwise on your person rather than in a box on a truck. These things could include items such as personal client files, chargers for electronic devices and your business laptop. Also remember to keep any medicines, perishable items and anything flammable with you and not on the moving vehicle.

Once you’ve identified the things that should not be packed, you are ready to begin. Pack the things that you do not use on a daily basis first. Having even a few items in boxes will make you feel like you’re making progress, so the idea of commercial moving will be less overwhelming. Be careful not to pack information on any current projects that you may need before you move. (You do not want to dig through already packed and stacked boxes!) Once they’re packed, label them carefully. Place a generic label such as “Steve’s Office, Room 216” as well as more specific labels for yourself like “Paper & Toner.” This will help the movers get the boxes in the right place and help you find what you need when you’re unpacking.

Be Ready on Moving Day
You should not have any tasks left to complete on moving day. Every non-critical item should be packed, sealed and labeled already. Your critical items should already be put away in your briefcase and then transferred to your own vehicle. On the day of your commercial move, all you should need to do is show up ready for the trip.

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