Preventive Maintenance Tips Every Garage Owner Must Know

Preventive Maintenance Tips Every Garage Owner Must Know

Keep your garage doors in tip-top shape. Start by putting these handy preventive maintenance tips to good use.


Apply a penetrating solvent to the rollers and hinges as well as too the latches and roller tracks, The Spruce suggests. Don’t forget to lubricate the pulleys and the bearings too. Wiping a bit of oil on the torsion spring should help as well and keep it from getting rusty and binding up.

Pay attention

Know when you need to get help. Is your garage door moving jerkily along? Do you hear grinding or scraping noises whenever you close or open the door? It may be time to call for overhead garage door services in Louisville KY.


Regularly inspect your doors for signs of damage and wear. Checking for wear can tell you when it’s time to replace worn-out parts of your door. With regular inspections, you can catch minor problems and keep them from turning into bigger ones.

Replace parts

You need to replace those rollers about seven years or so—sooner if you use the garage door a lot of times in a day. Worn, chipped and cracked rollers will need to go. Don’t forget to check the rubber weather seal strip on the bottom. Is it brittle or cracked? Then you’ll need to have that replaced too. If you don’t, that’s going to let in water, air and other elements into your garage space. That could lead to leaks and adverse effects on your car’s paint job too.

Do repairs

If the damage or wear requires more than a simple part replacement, don’t hesitate to get in touch with an overhead garage door service in Louisville KY. With timely repairs and upkeep, you can keep your garage doors working without any trouble for a good, long while.

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