Professional, First Rate Sports Courts Paving in Guilford CT

A professionally paved asphalt court either adds value to a private property, or public value to a community space. For example, a tennis court in a backyard is an asset which adds considerably to the resale price of a house. And many public spaces have reserved court areas laid out for youth sports such as basketball, tennis, handball, and even baseball.

However, like any asphalt surface, the wear and tear of continued use and the stresses inflicted by extremes of heat and cold through the seasons causes that surface to degrade. Cracks appear, sections begin to sink as the ground settles, and in extreme cases the asphalt buckles from a combination of extreme summer heat and ground movement. Eventually, like any roadway or parking lot surface, the court will have to be redone.

Contractors involved in sports courts paving in Guilford, CT approach such a project in the same manner as any paving job. If an entirely new surface is to be laid down, the old one is removed first. Excavators move in and break up the old asphalt layer, digging it out until nothing is left. If no previous surface was on the site, then it’s just a matter of excavating dirt. A rock layer is then laid down as the base upon which the new surface will be built. Next, trucks bring in fill dirt which is then leveled to an even grade by bulldozers. With the lot now properly prepared, tar is laid down and smoothed by huge rollers until the new surface matches the grade of the fill dirt layer.

Once the tar dries, the new surface is then painted with a special acrylic formula which will resist fading from years of sun exposure. Afterward, a seal coat is then spread upon the surface to provide additional protection from the elements and necessary cleaning. The result is a brand new playing surface marked out with clear lines and sharp colors, and ready for years of team play.

The people who do sports courts paving in Guilford, CT are experienced construction workers who have paved and repaired asphalt surfaces of all kinds for sixty years. They have a well-earned reputation for professional work, and their sports surfaces are marvels to look at and play upon.

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