Professional Landscaping Raises Business Property Values

Professional Landscaping Raises Business Property Values

It’s not contested that landscaping adds value when selling a property. You might not think that “curb appeal” is a factor unless you’re selling, but whether it is a shopping center or HOA, an office park or a corporation, people are going to get that first impression and make a decision based on that. How are you going to inspire confidence and affinity when you can’t even inspire someone to get out of their car? Landscaping for your business is a signal that a property is cared for, maintained, and that management is doing its job.

Choosing a Landscape Design and Maintenance Company

The first thing you need to look at is the portfolio of current and previous landscaping design projects. Unless they can show you some of their projects, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t hire them. Next, start searching online, looking for reviews, BBB listings, and other clues as to how professional and legitimate they are in their business dealings. Solicit proposals from your top three candidates on what they would do for your project, and what services would be provided at what cost per month. Check out their current projects within driving distance, and see their work in person. You need a big picture look at the company you will be contracting with.

Green Scene

Your landscape says a lot about you, and the people viewing your properties and facilities will see that. Additionally, landscaping instead of impermeable pavement helps to return water to aquifers, replenishing groundwater supplies instead of sending precious rainfall down the drain. With about half the population of the US experiencing drought, saving water is of vital importance. Professional landscaping design can help your project look and feel its best without draining the budget or groundwater.

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