Professional-Grade Oil Stain Remover in Baltimore, MD

Whether it’s a parking lot, driveway, or a gas station, one of the biggest blights on parking lot surfaces is oil stains. Unfortunately, cars leak all sorts of fluids, and the most common are motor oil fluids. Not only is this unsightly, it can create a safety hazard. Since oil doesn’t typically dry up very quickly, it can be a rather slick, and that can cause people to slip and fall. This could create an insurance liability. In addition, while not always a huge concern, there are issues with potential fire hazards. That’s why a professional service that offers Oil Stain Remover Baltimore MD may be something to consider.

With something like a gas station, a convenience store or a small retail facility, these sorts of cleaning services may need to be done on a regular basis. The reason for this is that many of these facilities have concrete surfaces where cars are parked. This is most common at a gas station. Concrete is a much lighter color, so oil stains are more visible than they are on blacktop materials. In addition, blacktop materials are more porous, so oil can seep into the asphalt. While concrete is porous, it is not as porous as asphalt, so the oil tends to stay on the surface.

In these situations, a professional-grade Oil Stain Remover Baltimore MD will likely need to be used. In most cases, the oil stain remover is a cleaning agent that is applied to the surface of the concrete area. It is allowed to sit briefly, and then a strong pressure washer is moved over the areas, which dislodges oil and any other debris, and is easily washed away. Not only does this remove large deposits of oil, it can also remove older stains, making the concrete area look fresh and clean once again.

If your concrete paved surface, whether it’s a driveway, a parking lot or a gas station, is looking tired because of excessive oil stains, being proactive in getting rid of the stains is the best way to keep this area safe and looking good. That’s why you may want to contact Mr. Clean Power Washing LLC to see what they can do to rejuvenate an oil-stained surface.

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