Protect Your Home from Unnecessary Hurricane Damage

Protect Your Home from Unnecessary Hurricane Damage

Did you know that due to the threat of hurricanes, garage doors in Melbourne, FL are required to meet or exceed certain county wind and impact requirements? When wind exceeds 111 mph, a typical garage door, without reinforcement can buckle, leaving a large opening in the side of your home where wind, water and debris can enter. As the wind continues to blow, it puts pressure on the walls and roof, and can actually tear the roof off your home. According to the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, the American Red Cross, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the majority of damage done to homes in a hurricane starts by storm entry through the garage.

Many people worry that making their garage door hurricane resistant means directly replacing the entire door. This may not always be the case. Many times, garage door companies are able to add brackets and braces to your existing door to make it more sturdy and weather resistant. By adding high-quality brackets and braces to an existing garage door, laboratory tests have proven that doors can be strengthened to withstand wind speeds of 180mph. This would help protect your home from most hurricanes.

If you decide that replacing your existing door is a better option than trying to reinforce your current door, it may be good to be aware that a permit is required from your local county building department. This helps ensure that homeowners get a door that will protect their home from possible damage and that it is installed properly by a certified installer.

Knowing that most hurricane damage to homes starts in the garage, it would make sense that the best way to protect your home and family would be by making sure your garage doors in Melbourne, FL meets safety standards. Certified garage door installers can help you determine the best way to protect your home.

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