Questions to Help You Choose a Catering Menu

Questions to Help You Choose a Catering Menu

When you’re in charge of the lunch catering for your event, expectations may leave you feeling overwhelmed. Use the following questions to help you choose a menu from the best Chicago lunch catering in 60601.

Do any of the guests have allergies or special dietary requirements?

If you can, it may be helpful to survey the guests to get information about special diets. You may find that one or more guests need a gluten-free or vegan meal. If you can’t reach your guests, you may want to ask the catering service to offer you some options. You may not be able to satisfy all of the guests, but you can offer them a selection of popular menu items.

Do you have the right venue and time to host a sit-down lunch?

Before you arrange for a buffet, make sure you have a venue with electricity and plenty of room for tables and guests. Consider whether you’ll need a kitchen or if the food will be served outside. Consider the amount of time set aside for the event. Is it long enough for a sit-down meal or do you need to stick with snack foods?

Is there enough room in your budget for a fancy meal?

Even lunch can become fairly expensive, especially if you include alcohol and count gratuity. Ask yourself how important the meal is to the event. Other activities may take the spotlight, reducing the amount of budget going to the food. As you negotiate with the best Chicago lunch catering 60601 service, you may be able to make adjustments to the menu to come in under budget with a nice meal.

Which style of catering do your guests prefer?

There are several types of catering services. These include plated, buffet, family, cocktail, meal platters, food trucks, and boxed meals. Within these categories, there are many choices as well. Narrow down your options a bit by selecting the type of catering most appropriate for your event.

What do you want your guests to remember about the evening? As you answer the previous questions, you’ll have an easier time making solid decisions about the best Chicago lunch catering 60601 service. Visit for more information.

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