Are You Ready to Sell Your Bitcoin?

Are You Ready to Sell Your Bitcoin?

The beauty of bitcoin is the ability to be able to buy or sell it at convenient locations such as ATMs. While selling bitcoin is not as straightforward as buying it, there is a help. You can easily cash-out digital currency when you sell bitcoin in Los Angeles at a RockItCoin ATM. There are many advantages to this method and it is recommended that you set your wallet’s setting for the mining fee to the highest priority. This helps to make sure that the transaction is able to be confirmed quickly so you can receive your cash then go.

Sell Your Bitcoin to an ATM

There are certain steps you will need to follow when selling your bitcoin to an ATM. It’s important that you choose ATMs that are managed by top digital currency companies ready to assist you with your bitcoin transactions with the highest level of customer service. Companies that care also make sure that their ATMs are always working and can boast about never experiencing any down-time with their 2-way machines. They will also be able to assist you if by chance you have forgotten your PIN number. A simple call or text will have you enjoying bitcoin selling transactions in no time.

The Steps to Sell Bitcoin Are Simple

When you visit a bitcoin ATM simply follow these steps to sell your bitcoin. Press the button labeled “buy bitcoin” then enter your cell phone number so you will receive an SMS code and enter it into the ATM machine. Next, select the dollar amount you want to sell, enter your valid address as prompted, or the address of the machine. Then you will need to scan the QR code to your wallet to receive bitcoin. Finally, you will receive a code from the machine via a paper receipt which can be redeemed for cash when the blockchain has been approved. Visit to know more information.

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