The Real Value of Your Corporate Archives

Well-managed corporate archive offers a wealth of opportunity that many companies miss out on. Professional management of your corporate archives can prove to be one of the best choices you make for the preservation of the history of your company.

The Loss

Far too many times pockets of history are lost to time and carelessness. It can be hard to thread together the company’s history when decades have been inadvertently destroyed. It is hard to establish the credibility as a heritage brand when the heritage cannot be pieced together. Valuable information, transactions and more are often locked away in a cardboard box in a storage facility or worse yet thrown out.

The Resources

Digitizing your archives and having them professionally stored is a cost-effective solution and means easy retrieval of documents and information when it is needed. It can be a very valuable resource to have archived information readily available.

The History

Often heritage brands have gone through many transitions before they become the brand that they are today. That story, is a treasure trove of information that can be used for today. Managing the history of your corporate entity is an important part of telling the story of your culture. It is a wealth of information that can be used for:

  *   Marketing
  *   Branding
  *   Establishing trust
  *   Improvement
  *   And more

This wealth of information can be used in so many areas of your current corporate culture it is well worth protecting.

Into the Future

The company information, content, marketing, transactions, growth all of it should be recorded for the future. Historical information is one of the businesses most valued assets, in a few decades what is happening right now will become that historical record that can be consulted by future leaders of the entity. The History Factory can help preserve your corporate history.

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