How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Car Glass?

Windshield damage is more than an aesthetic problem; it can pose serious dangers to you and other drivers. That’s why these damages should be fixed immediately. If you’re looking for price quotes of car glass replacement in Denver, CO, prices vary depending on the type of repairs necessary and the auto service you choose.

The Expected Cost

The price of a repair for a car glass replacement in Denver, CO varies between less than $100 to more than $300 dollars. This price reflects your vehicle type and where the broken windshield is located on your car. Here’s a breakdown of the price range you can expect per vehicular windshield:

  • Passenger vehicle $100 – $300
  • Sports utility vehicle $100 – $200
  • Pickup truck windshield $100 – $300
  • Minivan windshield $100 – $200

Replacement of Windshield

When it comes to car glass replacement, you’ll find that the front or rear windshield averages the same price for every vehicle type in question. Furthermore, a window replacement becomes mandatory when the length of a crack has exceeded more than 24 inches, or the shop is unable to repair a window of this size safely.

Other Potential Damage

Windshield replacement comes with additional charges including special molding or if the wipers are attached to the windshield. A repair shop in Denver, CO will give you an accurate quote.

If the window has sustained cracks, chips, or other unsightly marks then a cleaning kit to remove these scratches will reflect the cost as well. However, these damages are a good idea to fix to make your windshield as good as new.

Look no further for car glass replacement than A+ Auto Glass. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with affordable prices. Place your call today!

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