Reasons to Include Pine Needles in Charlotte as Part of the Landscaping Plan

by | Feb 27, 2015 | Landscaping

There are all sorts of decisions to be made with home landscaping. One has to do with which type of product to use in flower beds and islands. For many people, the use of pine needles in Charlotte is the ideal solution. Here are a few of the benefits that come with the use of the needles.

Easy to Apply

Of all the types of products used to protect bedding plants, there is no doubt that Pine Needles in Charlotte are the easiest to put in place. There is no mixing and no need to use special equipment. All it takes is dumping the needles in position and spreading them by hand or using a rake. The ease of application also means the job will be completed in no time.

Excellent Weed Deterrent

Pine Needles go a long way in helping to discourage the growth of weeds in flower beds. That translates into less weeding for the homeowner and will certainly go a long way in protecting the beauty of those beds.

Prevents Erosion

The fact pine needles protect the soil from the elements means erosion is less likely to occur. As a result, the plant roots are not exposed, and there is enough soil present to provide the proper nutrients for those plants. Thanks to the protective quality, the plants are much more likely to thrive in the bed and add a lot to the general landscape.

Adds Nutrients to the Soil

Being a natural product, pine needles provide benefits even when they begin to decompose. During that phase, they release nutrients into the soil that keep it viable and capable of supporting plant growth. There is no need to remove the needles as they begin to break down. The homeowner can simply add a new layer of needles to restore the look of the beds.

There are other benefits needles bring to landscaping designs. For more information, contact a professional and discuss how this type of product can make a real difference. When it is all said and done, the homeowner is likely to find the needles are the perfect solution.

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