Reasons to use an iPad Mini Sunshade

Reasons to use an iPad Mini Sunshade

Choosing the right smartphone or tablet to use with your high-quality drone can take a lot of research and time. Some people prefer an iPhone, others like the Samsung Galaxy, and many swear by the Google Nexus. However, one of the most common choices, lauded by many experience flyers, is the iPad Mini.

Features of the iPad Mini

Even if you choose an older iteration of the iPad Mini, such as the Mini 3, it has plenty of great features for drone lovers out there. It has an impressive 2048×1536 resolution, 16 gigs of ram, and a battery life of 10 hours. It also has the iOS retina display and a reasonable 1.3 GHz processor. It’s no wonder this option gets a lot of use from experts in the drone community.

iPad Mini Accessories

One of the best accessories to scoop up if you use a Mini is an iPad Mini sunshade. These are a lightweight accessory that keeps the sun’s rays from hitting the screen of your phone. That means you can see exactly what you need to see, even when doing heavy video recording or photography. Many of these sunshades come with a foldable design so you can carry them around easily. There are plenty of options so that you can go with an affordable shade or a professional grade iPad Mini sunshade.

Better Image Quality

When you’re looking down at your screen, what you need is a dark shadow to get the best view of what the drone is seeing. Even if your screen is bright, the image can be washed out without the touch of shadow. It’s a no-brainer to consider a sunshade if you do any amount of videography or photography with your Phantom 4 or Mavic Pro.

Additional Features

When choosing a sunshade, it’s best to look for one that offers interior padding. This will help prevent your tablet and screen from being scratched or otherwise marred by the accessory. You also want to ensure it has a tight fit but can be removed with ease at the end of a flying session. Then, if space matters, look for an option that will fold up for storage until next time.

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