Top Reasons To Outsource Circuit Card Assembly

The vast majorities of OEMs requiring any type of electronic components do not complete the work in-house. Instead, they outsource to companies specializing in PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) or circuit card assembly (CCA).

In most cases, these two terms are used interchangeably, with the term circuit card assembly recognized by the Association Connecting Electronics Industries as a distinction of an assembled PCB. Regardless of what they are called, they are an essential component in any system. As such, finding a quality, reputable contract manufacturing service is a primary consideration for any OEM.

Lower Cost and Higher Quality

Two of the most important factors in outsourcing any type of component in a system is the cost and the quality. If the OEM cannot produce the parts at the same quality of a lower price, it is more practical to go with the contract manufacturing service.

At the same time, the contract manufacturing service can invest in precision equipment and production systems that guarantee increased quality and faster production, further lowering the cost and saving the OEM money.

Cutting Edge Technology

With any type of technology, including PCB and circuit card assembly, the ability of the manufacturer to understand the latest in research and technology and apply it to a current project is essential. Some companies are known for taking on the challenging projects, which is a key indicator of a top contract manufacturer.

In-house types of engineering, design and production facilities tend to become grounded in their current production method as there is a limited challenge with new types of products, specifications or requirements. With a contract manufacturing service, the service is constantly being asked to work on something new and groundbreaking, which provides the opportunity to not only work with the latest in technology but to also develop new techniques and methods.

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