When Couples Need Divorce Lawyers in Carlsbad, CA

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Lawyers

Divorce is that ugly “D” word that no one likes to talk about, yet it has been suggested that 50% of marriages in the USA end in divorce. In California, it has been reported that the divorce rate is 10% above the national average, and those who are filing for divorce need good counsel. Divorce Lawyers in Carlsbad, CA know of these high statistics and help their clients get the most out of the emotional whirlwind that is divorce. Here is a look at some things to understand about divorce outcomes in California.

The Potential Outcome of Divorce Proceedings in California

California is one of the few states that employ the “community property” rule when it comes to divorce, which means that all property, income and debts shared during the marriage must be divided equally in the divorce. The law in California is bent on there being joint custody where the children are concerned. If there cannot be a mutual agreement between the two parties, the judge will make a ruling on the best interests of the children involved. Child support is usually determined by the parent with the greater income, but the exact amount can fluctuate.

More on Divorce in California

For a divorce to be granted in California, one of the parties must have been a resident of California for at least six months or 180 days prior to filing for the divorce. Whereas other states may recognize common law marriages, California does not and no legal divorce would be granted. The grounds for divorce may be determined by fault, and extenuating circumstances can also come into play. For example, if there is violence going on in the relationship, that is grounds for divorce.

Who to Call for Divorces in California

Because of the high rate of divorces in California, many lawyers have dedicated themselves to provide those services. The Law Office of Cynthia Ann Harris is one such law office in California that handles divorce cases for clients. Anyone in need of divorce lawyers in Carlsbad, CA, can contact this law office. Those interested can contact us in person or through the website.

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