Receive Your Implant Through the Dental Clinic in Apple Valley MN

Dental science has come a long way when it comes to replacing missing teeth. This has been welcome news for those who suffer from embarrassment because their smile no longer looks attractive. Since missing teeth can cause a range of issues, including functional ones, dental implants have become one of the most popular treatments for restorative care. Once implants are placed in the smile, they become a permanent part of it. Through the Dental Clinic in Apple Valley MN, a smile can be fully restored, even if all of the natural teeth have been lost.

Though the end result offers astounding results, the process takes time to accomplish. The first part of receiving dental implants involves a surgical procedure that is carried out in the dentist’s office. This procedure may be done under local or general anesthesia, depending on how many teeth will need to be put in place.

This procedure is the most important step in the process and must be carried out precisely. Anchors made of titanium metal are placed down into the jawbone. These metal appliances will later bond with the bone tissue and act as the root system for the implant teeth being put in. Having a firm metal base ensures the implant teeth will be able to stand up to the immense pressure of chewing and biting down.

Most patients are not happy they must wait three to six months to receive their teeth, but it is necessary. The waiting process ensures proper bonding has taken place before the teeth are placed on the anchors. When it comes time for teeth placement, the dentist works to move each one into its proper position. The right depth and angle are checked to be sure the implant looks natural and will be able to perform normally without impacting the bite. The Dental Clinic in Apple Valley MN will work to ensure the smile looks and functions normally before the patient is sent home. Browse website for more information.

Learning more about dental implants can help people make the decision on whether or not they would like their smile restored. To schedule a consultation appointment, contact the Dakota Dental and Implant Center Apple Valley MN right away.

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