Recovery Tips After Receiving A Mommy Makeover In Chicago

Recovery Tips After Receiving A Mommy Makeover In Chicago

A “mommy makeover” is a popular term for a series of cosmetic procedures designed to help a woman regain her body after having children. Pregnancy, delivery, and early motherhood take an incredible toll on the body. Weight loss can often be hard to achieve, and can leave skin looking saggy afterwards. These procedures often include fat removal, a tummy tuck, and potentially breast augmentation. It can be an intense surgery, and does require a period of rest following its completion. Here are a few recovery tips after receiving a mommy makeover in Chicago.

Ask For Help

A mommy makeover, despite its light hearted term, is an intense procedure. Ask for help in advance, and be sure you have someone to help you around the house for the first few weeks afterwards. Seemingly routine household tasks like lifting an item, making dinner, or putting away the dishes can cause a lot of pain. At a bare minimum, be sure you have someone to help you for the first three days after coming home.

Rest As Much As You Can

The best thing you can do for your body at this point is to rest. This gives your body time to heal and will help you with pain management. For the fist two days, try and sleep as much as physically possible, getting up every so often to move about. After those first few days, you should still rest as much as you can, but try to become a bit more active by walking around the house. This helps to reduce stiffness and will help with the pain.

Be Prepared For Moodiness

Everyone expects recovery to be physically difficult, but what many patients are surprised to see is that they become incredibly emotional during the recovery time as well. Aside from getting enough sleep and taking your pain medication as prescribed, there isn’t much you can do to avoid this side effect. Talk with your loved ones about the potential for moodiness, and be sure you have some self-care strategies in mind for when things feel too much.

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