Reduce LASIK Surgery Risks with the Right Doctor and Facility

Reduce LASIK Surgery Risks with the Right Doctor and Facility

As with most surgeries, LASIK surgery can come with several risks. These can include the follow:

Loss of vision

Some patients can suffer loss of vision if the procedure is performed by a specialist with lesser skills. That’s why it’s essential to look for and find a LASIK center with an excellent reputation for delivering quality care and service to its patients. Hiring someone skilled and experienced will ensure the best results.

Visual symptoms

Some patients develop glare. Some suffer from double vision or see halos. These can affect you vision enough to make it dangerous for you to slide behind the wheel and drive. Some of these side-effects might go away with enough recovery time after the surgery.

Dry eye

A common result of the surgery is dry, irritated eyes, the FDA says. This is normal as your eye recovers. However, many recovering patients find it difficult to stop themselves from rubbing their eyes, which could lead to infection. Make sure you always carry around the eye drop your surgeon will recommend and use that to ease the dryness and itchiness. Don’t forget to always wear the protective goggles you’ll be given after the surgery. This will prevent you from rubbing your eyes in your sleep, effectively preventing infection from developing.

Finding help

Given the risks that come with the surgery, it’s only wise to make sure you look for the right LASIK center and surgeon.

  • Start with referrals. This can save you a long, exhaustive search.
  • Go online. Look for centers in your area that provide the services you need.
  • Check the basics. Make sure the facility is licensed and that its team of surgeons have the proper training and experience.
  • Follow instructions. Ask your doctor for instructions on how to prepare before and after the procedure. This will ensure zero complications and promote faster rate of recovery.
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